It seems that there are just two ways in which most people know Rick….
One is probably the reason why we called ourselves Ricky Evans Motorsport, everyone just knows him as the man who can sort you out with a windscreen. The other is down to his beloved BTRDA 94 and 95 Gold Star winning Peugeot 205.

We all have that car that we wished we never sold right? However not many of us are lucky enough to find it again after 18 years and be persistent enough to get it back. We knew where to look for the first owner and it was pretty simple finding the 2nd but then it started to get a lot harder with number 3 and 4 but before that first memorable lockdown, she made her way home across the water from Ireland!

Getting it back before the world locked itself away was possibly the best thing to have happened for us, days of being locked in the garage (as im sure many of you can relate) provided the motivation to get it back to former glory, in fact the RAC 2021 became a realistic target, we were never just going to admire it…
There was always that question… would it feel just how it did in the 90’s? Rally Revival was the perfect way to find out, a show event with lots of miles and road rally feel to it. Rick’s smile said it all…. B520 XDE was home

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