Water is the biggest Problem for heated glass, therefore it is very important that no water can get to the edge of the glass, otherwise the element will start to fail very quickly and delamination can occur so be extra careful when fitting the glass.

All rubber fit screen must be sealed with the correct grade of windscreen rubber fit sealer, this can be purchased from our Fitting Tools and Glue page, if you aren't sure then we are here to help so just give us a call. On bonded windscreens the edge of the glass should be primed prior to fitting, again if you aren't sure then we are just a phone call away.

If the above procedures are not followed then any warranty on your heated windscreen will be void.

This is a simple drawing of one circuit, please note that most of our larger screens have two circuits per glass. This means you will need to make up two separate looms as shown, one for each side. Please always have this done by a qualified auto electrician.

On this drawing we have used 25AMP circuits as this covers nearly all of our windscreens! Some of the largest screens we do for example Civics and VW Transporters may need up to 35AMPs per side - if you are unsure call us!

Wiring and Fitting Heated Windscreen