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Heated windscreen technology has been around since the 1960s - most prominent being the Monte Carlo Mini and Safari Datsuns . Its use did not expand to the decades beyond as the range of road cars expanded and in-car heaters dealt with everyday misting.

In the world of Motorsport however heated windscreens were still sort after as competitors craved what I like to call ‘marginal gains’ over their rivals in the form of lighter vehicles and therefore the heater was one of the first things to go.

The simplicity of using heated glass was ideal - no moving parts, just an on/off switch - just what the rally competitors required but generally only affordable for factory teams. Circuit racing confirms the whole concept as on a wet race day a superior engine could be a lap slower against a competitor that could actually see where they were going!!

Ricky Evans Motorsport have spent quite a few frustrating years trying to work with manufacturers to fill that gap and get the product that we have today at an affordable price for all.