For those of you who don’t know we are a family run business…. Like most we all have our roles but we all like to chip in and do whatever is needed. Our biggest task is making sure we get the glass to where it needs to be in one piece, so as you can imagine the packing is pretty time consuming.

Every now and again you stop and look at the labels thinking ‘where even is St Kitts and Nevis’ or that Madagascar is just a place that a film is based.

We teamed up with a local artist, a family friend who said she could hand paint us a map for one of the walls in the show room with a view to pinning all the cities we had sent glass to around the world. The photo doesn’t really do it justice, it was amazing to see some of the places we had our glass, then perhaps our customers then shipped them on again even further.

For those of you who looked closely enough…. France is yet to be finished but those pins hurt your thumbs!!!

Anyway, back to the packing… with a big boost of motivation to cover even more!!