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Ricky Evans Motorsport has been supplying heated windscreens to the motorsport, classic and modern car industries for over 10 years.

Ricky himself has been working within the glass industry for over 40 years and has a wide range of experience. Ricky also spent his spare time competing within British Motorsport and is perhaps best known for his success in The British Trial and Rally Drivers Association (BTRDA) Championship, steering his Peugeot 205 to success in both 1994 and 1995.

After initially spending 30 years as a specialist windscreen fitter Ricky then expanded, and helped begin to introduce the motorsport industry to the heated front windscreen. Over ten years on and Ricky Evans Motorsport now has a growing catalogue of over 300 different glass products helping to provide clients with a clearer road ahead!

To find out if we can help supply one of your vehicles with a heated windscreen, why not get in
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Ricky Evans' Services & Vision

Here at Ricky Evans Motorsport we know just how important it is for all of our clients to have the clearest view possible from behind the wheel. This could be in high intensity situations such as a World Rally Championship stage, enjoying your beloved classic car, or you’ve simply had enough of waiting for the heaters to defrost your screen in the morning. Whatever the problem with your visibility our heated windscreens could provide you with the answer.

By stocking many products all year round we provide our customers with an efficient, customer friendly service enabling you to get that screen in your vehicle as soon as possible. We also know how difficult glass can be to handle which is why we offer a safe, insured, hassle free worldwide courier service.

Perhaps your car is not quite ready for the race or the show that it is being prepared for, maybe it is only a couple of weeks away? Well don’t worry we have a range of different shipping and packaging options available and we will do everything possible to make sure you get your glass in time.

Why not get in touch now and find out if we stock the product you need or find out how we can get it made for you.

How it Works

Our heated windscreens aim to eliminate condensation, de-mist and speed up de-icing of the glass, allowing for a clearer and safer view of the road ahead. This could be the difference between winning the World Rally Championship or simply giving yourself 10 minutes extra in bed on a cold winter's day.

The heated windscreens use almost invisible tungsten elements which work to increase the surface temperature of the glass, and in turn quickly clears the screen increasing visibility.

With the exception of a few (please ask if unsure), all of our screens use a dual heating system meaning that there is a live and an earth wire on each side of the heated windscreen, each one will power half of the screen.

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